Letter to our future journey companions


Casa Madre


A huge opportunity recently occurred to us here at the Corte Del Vento ecovillage. Right now in this moment of reinforcement of our community and recovery of our project, non-repayable public funding for the construction of housing have also arrived.

It is however an opportunity that has a tight time to be caught and we are looking for another couple of families that are in line with our Vision, who feels like life in a sustainable intentional community is what is right for them, with basic economic possibilities to begin this journey together and time and energy to sustain it.

There is time to decide until the end of April.

We hope for the arrival of young families with children but at the same time we are confident that whoever is going to arrive will be the right people and that everything will be just fine. We feel favoured and protected.

If you are personally interest in our project please contact us at Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. for a first contact.

If instead you know of a friend or acquaintance who might be interested please share this good new with them. The opportunity is both for italians and foreign people.

We want to thank anyone will support us, in whatever way, in this journey of ours towards the construction of an ecovillage!


 Progetto Ecovillaggio



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